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Niels HP PHOTO by Stephen Freiheit_9326

Niels HP “Bumpy Road”

Niels H.P. is an eclectic vocalist. His inspiration comes from all over the world, which makes it hard to pinpoint the predominant idiom on BUMPY ROADS. However, there is no doubt that a few of the basic ingredients are funk, soul and jazz with a highly developed melodic sense.

“I’ve played drums for as long as I can remember, and that’s my main point focus when I compose or sing or write songs”, says Niels H.P. “I played my sketches for “Move On” and “Just Let Go” for my good friend and musical collaborator Asger J. Steensholdt. He insisted that I play the drums myself, because, “the instrument is the whole you”, as he put it. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the idea initially, but we set up a kit in his living room and recorded the drums. They sounded rough and full of character in a way I really like. The way I see it, drums are the mother of all other instruments – actually, until somebody convinces me differently, I consider all instruments to be drums – and so I wound up playing most of the music myself with help from bassists Fredrik Damsgaard and Mogens Palsbøll, guitarist Martin Finding, and Asger Steenholdt on bass, guitar and lapsteel. And Veronica Mortensen sings backing vocals.”

Niels H.P. wrote the music and collaborated with Asger Steenholdt on most of the lyrics, which deal with the life we all lead, and where most Hollywood flicks end: After the first steaming attraction has subsided and we have to find a way to let a deeper, lasting love grow. How to advise your teenage daughter? How to retain your masculinity and the ability to say “no” without coming on like an ass – how to avoid letting yourself be steamrolled? Mature lyrics about walking the bumpy roads of life, and rooted in the tradition of soul music, where society and man/woman relations are common topics. Words speaking to us all and set to danceable grooves. Niels H.P. says, “The music probably sounds like something written by a soul singer who once met a man from Cuba.”

Niels H.P. is considered one of Denmark’s leading soul singers. He was the vocalist in the legendary funk band Ridin’ Thumb, whose hit album DIFFERENT GROOVES helped set a high standard for Danish funk. His solo debut from 2004, PROMISES OF RAIN, was released to fine reviews and appreciative audiences. Inspired by Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway, Niels H.P.’s swinging and supple vocal has won him many friends at his concerts in Denmark and abroad.

Niels HP: Lead & background vocals, drums, wurlitzer, piano, clavinet, moogbass, congas, percussion, bongos
Martin Finding: Guitar, Asger J. Steenholdt: Bass/guitar, Mogens Palsbøl: Bass,
Fredrik Damsgaard: Bass, Jacob Christoffersen: Wurlitzer,
Daniel Fridell: Drums, bass, Moog-bass, Rhodes guitar & guiro
Veronica Mortensen: Background vocals, Joakim Pedersen: Keys